If you have a lot of items to enter on the app, you can batch import these items.
Here’s what you need to do :

  1. Export CSV Data
  2. Locate your csv file
    • Sdcard – On android device, go to the folder /mobilebiz-co/shared/csv folder.
    • Dropbox – Login to your dropbox account and go to /mobilebiz-co/shared/csv folder.
  3. Open your csv file using a textedit (ex. notepad)


editExportedData_14. Go to your Google Drive and create a new spreadsheet.
editExportedData_25. Update the name of the spreadsheet.
editExportedData_56. Go back to your texteditor and copy the whole content.
– Then paste it on the spreadsheet.
– You can now use this spreadsheet to modify your item fields. (ex. item price)


editExportedData_47. After making the changes on the spreadsheet, you need to save and download the file.
– Click on “File” > “Download as” > “Plain text”. This will create and download the file. (ex. item_list.tsv)
editExportedData_78. Then Transfer this file back to either the Sdcard or Dropbox.
editExportedData_99. Import back the updated csv file to update the records.
Click here to see the specific steps to import back to MobileBiz Co