The app allows multiple users to access and be part of your business.  To manage the users of your company,  you will need to do the ff:
1) Access your mobilebiz-co app.
2) Go to HomePage > Menu > Manage Users.  This will open the mobilebiz-co login page on the browser.
3) Enter you login details (check credentials from email.)
4) Click on the “Add User” button to add new user.  (If you have reach the maximum user limit of your plan, it will stop you from adding user.  Please review your plan for the user limits.  To increase your user limit, go the the Account Tab, to process the upgrade.)
5) Enter new user details and assign a role . (To add more roles, finish the “Add User” module, then access the “created user” > Roles Tab)
6) click on save.  New user is now added.