Tags are a way to show data that normally doesn’t show on the output. Tags are inserted manually into templates to show additional information. Whatever value it represents is shown on PDF document, SMS, or email messages.

What does a Tag look like

Tags are enclosed in { } and are always in uppercase.
There are two parts to a tag.

  • 1st part is the type of record it represents
  • 2nd is the field where the value is taken from
For example,

{CUSTOMER.NAME} is the customer’s name as seen on the customer record.
{CUSTOMER.EMAIL} is the customer’s email as seen on the customer record.
{TNX.TRANDATE} is the Date on the invoice
{TNX.DUEDATE} is the Due Date on the invoice
{TNX.CUSTOMER} is the Customer on the invoice
{LINE.ITEM} is the Item of an invoice line
{LINE.QTY} is the Quantity on the invoice line
{LINE.PRICE} is the Rate on an invoice line
{ITEM.NAME} is the name of an item
{ITEM.CATEGORY} is the category of an item

Types of tags

Customer {CUSTOMER.xxx}
Project {PROJ.xxx}
Item {ITEM.xxx}
Invoice body {TNX.xxx}
Invoice line {LINE.xxx}
Payment {PAY.xxx}
Company {COMPANY.xxx}
Statement {STATEMENT.xxx}
Utility tags {TODAY.DATE}


Tags button

On some screens where you can customize things, there is a TAGS button. If clicked, you can select from list of tags. Depending on what you are trying to customize, some tags may or may not appear. It’s because some tags are only applicable on certain cases while other are not.
This button currently appear on these screens:

Home > App Settings > Printing

  • Sale totals > Tags
  • Sale columns > Add column > Tags
  • Extra grid > Add column > Tags
  • Other template areas > Tags
Home > Lists > Print templates > Options tab > Tags
Open a customer record > View Statement > Customize > PDF template > Tags
When you select a tag from the list provided by TAGS button, the value is copied to clipboard. You can then paste its value by long-hold on text field > Paste.

Although these screens do not have a TAGS button, you can still use tags if they are manually typed.

Can use tags on:

  • Email Title
  • Email Body
Can use tags on:

  • SMS Message > Enter text