There are two types of data we need to migrate:

  • Record data (ex. invoices, items, customers, settings) – resides in the device internal memory
  • Print template (ex. invoice pdf output) – resides on the sdcard

To migrate Record data:

A. Backup your MobileBiz Lite :

1. Open your MobileBiz Lite.
2. Go to Home > Menu > TOOLS > Manage data.
3. Click on Backup database.
4. Then Click on Backup Now. This will create a file on your SD card (sdcard > mobilebiz-trial > db > backup-Vx-xxxxxxx).

B. Restore the backup to MobileBiz Pro.

1. Open your MobileBiz Pro.
2. Go to Home > Menu > TOOLS > Manage data.
3. Click on “Restore database” > “Restore from” >
4. Select “Sdcard” as the file location
5. Then select the first trial backup file on the list. (it ends with the work – trial
6. Then click on the “RESTORE NOW” button.

To migrate print template customization:

  1. From your device, copy “sdcard / mobilebiz-trial / print”  folder  to  “sdcard / mobilebiz-pro”  folder
  2. Then copy “sdcard / mobilebiz-trial / logo”  folder to  “sdcard / mobilebiz-pro” folder