Using Dropbox (preferred way)

1. From your device, open your dropbox app.
2. Look for “mobilebiz-pro/db” folder. If the folders does not exist yet, create it manually.
3. Place your backup file on “mobliebiz-pro/db” folder.
4. Make sure to link your dropbox to your MoblieBiz Pro.  If this has not been setup before, please follow this guide:
restoreBackup_34. Go to Home > Menu > TOOLS > Manage data.
restoreBackup_45. Then Tap on Restore database > Restore from.
6. Then choose the “Dropbox” for the file location.
restoreBackup_67. Choose the backup that you place on your dropbox.
restoreBackup_78. Then tap on “RESTORE NOW”.

Using sdcard

  1. Put the backup file in sdcard > mobilebiz-pro > db folder.
    • Note that on different devices, sdcard folder might be different. Try looking for other mobilebiz-pro folder on the device
  2. Open MobileBiz Pro > Home > Menu >  TOOLS > Manage data > Restore database > Restore from > select the first on the list (that is the latest backup) > Restore now.
MobileBiz backup files format:  backup-V10-xxxxxx-xxxx