1) Go to Playstore > search for Expense @t Work app. or click on this link.
2) Then install Expense @t Work app on your device.
expense_setup_23) Then setup your company details on your expense app. Open Expense @t Work app > Click on the Expense logo on the upper left of the screen. > Then click the “My Company” company name.
expense_setup_34) Then click on the Edit button to update your company name.


5) Enter your new company name, then click on the save button.
(Make sure the company name is the same with MobileBiz, to automatically link it with Profit Loss Report.)
6) Then add expenses to your company.
7) After installing and setting up Expense @t Work app, Open MobileBiz Pro app.
8) Then Go to Home > Menu > REPORTS > Summary reports.
9) Then choose Profit Loss Report, and see if the expense details are now included in the report.