What to do if Company Logo is not showing up

There are instances where Company Logo is not showing up after restoring database. There are different reason why this happens. One reason is that dropbox has not been setup properly, or the location if the logo image has been change.

To fix this problem, simply go to Home > Menu > App Settings > Company Logo, and upload again your company logo.
Follow this guide to add company logo: http://help.imsunny.com/add-company-logo/

I have problems importing my items, nothing changed when i imported

In importing of items or customers, it is important to correctly define and map the Column ID and  fields to the CSV column headers. When doing the item update using import, it will check for the Column ID defined  and use that to determine what needs to be update.  If the column ID didn’t match, it will not update the items.

Please read this article to learn and follow how items are imported thru the import feature.


I have a new phone (or lost my phone), how do I get MobileBiz Pro on the new device ?

  1. Go to playstore and install MoblieBiz Pro.
    • Use the email address that you use to purchase MobileBiz Pro, so you won’t need to buy it again.
  2. Enter your initial setup. – this will be replace later when you restore your backup to the new device.
  3. Follow the procedure on this link:   http://help.imsunny.com/how-to-move-or-clone-your-data-to-a-new-phonetablet/