1.) Open MoblieBiz Pro app.
2.) Go to Home > Items. > “+” sign.
3.) Enter item details. (Please see field descriptions below)
4.) Then click on save.
5.) Item is now been added.

Item details

  1. Name – Name of the item.
  2. Description – Description about the item.
  3. Types  :

    Non-inventory item –  ex. Car rental.

    Inventory Item –  affects the inventory count. ex Laptop

    Service Item – ex. Computer Repair

    Shipping Item –  ex. Shipping packages

    Description Item – Additional details like special deals or agreement that needed to be displayed in the invoices.

  4. Category  – use to organized and categorized different items.
  5. Sales Price – The selling price of the item.
  6. Cost (optional) – The actual cost of the item.
  7. Stock Qty – Total Hands on Quantity
  8. Available Qty – Total Available Quantity.
  9. Custom Fields – use to extend item information.  Please see the topic “About Custom Fields” for more detail.