1.) Open MoblieBiz Pro app.
2.) Go to Home > Customers.
3.) Tap on the “+” sign.
4.) Enter customer details. (Please check on the customer field description below)
5.) Then click on “Save”.
6.) Customer is now added.

Customer Details

  1. “Link to phone contact” – click this to get phone contact as your customer
  2. “Name” – customer’s full name
  3. “Company” – activate if customer is a company
  4. “Email” – customer’s email address
  5. “Phone” – customer’s phone details
  6. “Address” – customer’s address
  7. “Terms” – customer’s payment terms
  8. “Tax Code” –  Tax definition for each customer.
  9. “Price Level” – This is the price group define for each customer. It will have an impact to the item price of all transactions
  10. “Custom Fields” – use to extend customer information.  Please see the topic “About Custom Fields” for more detail.