Initial setup before adding your company logo.

  1. Connect your dropbox to MobileBiz :
  2. Prepare and location your company logo. (JPG image will be accepted)
  3. Make sure that the image filename has no spaces (for example, “my photo.jpg” should be “myphoto.jpg)
  4. Put this photo on your Android device sdcard

Then proceed to linking the company logo with MoblieBiz.

1.) Go to Home > Menu > TOOLS > Settings.
2.) Tap on Company Logo.
3.) Tap on “Find my logo”, then choose the location of the image.
4) Enter the pixel width and height of the image for PDF output and HTML printout.
5) Then click on “save” button.
* It is advisable to use a smaller image, because the size affects the generation of pdf.  You can use different online picture resizer for large size pictures

* The suggested pixel size is around 250 W x 150 H.  Adjust the dimensions until satisfied.